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Wanna is a mobile app built by sports fans for sports fans. We love the community, camaraderie and competition as much as the sport – so we set out to build a sports betting platform embodying the true nature of the sports we love.

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Sports Betting Redefined.

Unlike traditional betting, Wanna gives you the control. You can create your own bets and challenge your friends or fans from other teams. Not only do you get to win money betting, you get to take that money from other bettors that aren’t as skilled as you.

Talk Some Smack

What’s better than winning a bet? It’s winning a bet after talking trash to your opponents. At Wanna, dropping a great line or gif is just as fun as victory.

Play for FREE! Win Prizes!

Wanna hosts weekly contests from Tuesday to Tuesday. Users will compete with each other to win prizes every week. Bet on the outcome of different sports events and the user with the most Wanna points at the end of each contest will win the weekly prize.

Sports Betting Made For You.

Social media meets sports gambling. Wanna is all about community. We are a social media platform that bringing sports fans together and gives you the ability to settle your differences by putting a little money on the game.

Create Your Own Bets.

Traditional sports betting doesn’t give you the freedom to create the bet you want. At Wanna, you are the master of your own destiny. You have the ability to create the bet you want. Once created, you have the option of sending the bet to an open lobby where it can be accepted by anyone, or you can send it directly to another Wanna member.

Has your friend been talking smack about your team? Solve it on Wanna.

Accept The Bet You Want.

Once you find a bet you like, just click the yellow button on the bet card. Clicking this button will take you to a confirmation page where you can read more details and accept the bet. Once your bet is locked in, you can can go find more bets or start talking smack to your opponent.

Talk Some Smack.

The best part of Wanna is the ability to interact with the other users. Compete against your friends, make new friends, form rivalries and show everyone why you’re the best. If you want to talk a little trash to your opponent, go for it! If you want to cheer on users that are betting on your favorite team, I’m sure they would love the support. Check out the profile page of your opponent where you can get to know them, write on their wall, and see what teams they like to bet on.

“I’ve been betting for 3 years and Wanna easily beats the traditional betting houses. Wanna is intuitive and beautiful – it’s much more fun and you can actually win!”
Allison Rosa
Copa Contest Champion


Bets Placed

Bet on the teams you love and against the teams you hate. There’s always action on Wanna!

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