Contest Rules

Each Wanna user will start with 5,000 Wanna points in their account. Users will bet against each other on games to try to earn more Wanna points. The user who has the most Wanna points and also met the Winning Requirements after the last game of the week will win the prize for that week. In the event of a tie at the end of the contest, the winner will be determined by the tiebreaker # 1. If there is still a tie after the tiebreaker # 1, the winner will be determined by the tiebreaker # 2.

Each person who enters is limited to creating only one account. Wanna has the right to disqualify any users if they suspect users are colluding with each other or creating multiple accounts.

Requirements to win:

Must have the most points.

Must have at least one win against an opponent who has 2 or more wins.

Must have wins against more than 5 different users.

Prize – The prize for the Contest at the end of each week will be an official jersey of any soccer team chosen by the winner.

Tiebreaker # 1 – Highest opponent’s winning percentage. (Compete against users who have won bets to increase this percentage. How good are the users who you are betting against? If the users you beat don’t have any wins then your opponent’s winning percentage will be low. To increase your opponent’s winning percentage, bet against users who have wins).

Tiebreaker # 2 – Most opponents. (Play against different users to increase your score in this tiebreaker).

Additional Info:

– When there are midweek matches, points will count towards the next weekly result match along with the weekend matches.

– Results will be released on Tuesday or Wednesday each week.

– The shirt to be chosen by the winner cannot exceed R $250,00 (two hundred and fifty reais).

* Wanna points have no value.